Friday, 8 May 2015

A Potential Date!

Sing me lullabies,
we'll fall asleep with the flow.
Gaze with me, at the skies.
How far can we go?


Silence has lost it charm,
inner voices scream anew.
Frondescence of a beautiful farm,
Cascading drops of  autumn dew.


Don't you leave, 
I'm not done yet.
Oh wait.
Well, at least have a cup of coffee with me.
We'll enjoy a good book maybe,
or let's just go on a date!


And then he comes, 
in his black limousine.
Lends her a hand & off she flies.
It's fine, 
the guy's rich.
Never mind, 
she was a bitch!


Your memories,
they vanish in the ember.
I finish my hot coffee,
as I wake up from my slumber...



  1. A bit rapid but emotions conveyed successfully!

    1. Thank You! Yeah, wrapped it up pretty soon, before it could get lame as shit! :)

  2. Really good one :) Put together so much in so less :)