Saturday, 20 February 2016


Glittering sounds,
they all make you feel alive.
Sounds that revive you.
Music, poetry.
The voice of your love.


We're so inarticulate,
always running for that dime.
Can we hear our heartbeats?
Slowing down with time.
The shriek of disappearing youth,
amidst this moral mess.
The fear itself makes me go speechless.


There's this sound, that's stuck inside.
 Conscience, as they call it
It knows everything, whatever I do.
My sins, my virtues.
 I've never heard its noise.
It's so frail and feeble!
But when it speaks,
even in whispers,
it has the loudest voice.
The power to alter my imagination,
my perception.
My existence all together!


Silence has an abstract way of communication
It can build up nations!
it can even lead to destruction of generations!