Monday 9 November 2015


Forevermore, I'll keep shining through your eyes.
You'll see me, twinkling in the radiance of these forlorn skies.
Forevermore, my dear.
You'll always fear the hell from heaven.
Like a burning scarecrow, terrifying the raven.

Forevermore, I'll shall be the one.
Until you won't see no sun.
You'll find me in my words,
like an oasis emerging from an arid desert.
Forevermore my dear. Forevermore.

You have no clue, how timeless are you?
Across the perimeter of this paradise, you shall find a stone.
Burnt from a flame of regret.
It's been lying there all alone.

Forevermore, the doors shall remain closed.
For you've lost the key.
Ask me anything and that's what I'll be.
Forevermore, there's nothing left to say.
Oh yes, this is eternity's end.
As we call it, the judgement day.
Forevermore, my dear.
Forevermore, until I say goodbye & go away.

Forevermore, I'll be waiting for your answer.
It's an unreal test of time,
A lemonade without a slice of lime.
Forevermore, my dear.
Until, you hear my whispering voice,
diminish gradually among this noise...

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