Friday, 26 June 2015

Will You Be My Friend.

Set ablaze from the fire,
I burn bright like the sun.
Will you be my friend, dear?
For I'm an excellent seer.
Frosted cold, in this daylight.
I reflect wisdom from your glaze.
Will you be my friend, dear?
If I told you my end is near.
Never curbed my imagination.
Vivid and boundless.
Infiltrated and pure. 
Always wondering, 
what makes you so special.
Is it the beauty or the cynosure.
Will you be my friend, lady?
The future seems unsure, 
And yes, there's no cure.
Just by standing over their viewpoint,
You won't see things clearly.
Brain dead, among these folks.
I seek an asylum for my convictions.
I know you won't be my friend,
but will you at least be my foe?
Like the buck and a doe.

Indifferent perceptions,
discrepancies between our hearts.
Accompany me, 
we'll travel on the wings of my dreams.
To see, what no one has ever seen.
To be, where no one has ever been.
To feel, what no one has ever felt.
I can't experience this felicity,
all alone.
Oh lady, will you be my friend?
Together we'll transcend beyond,
 these conventional worldly trends.