Friday, 13 January 2017

Here We Lie

Here we lie, under the sun,
Wandering how we'll live, 
the rest of our lives.
Here we lie, under the tree,
As the leaves fall dry,  from the turquoise sky.
Here we lie, on the beach,
As the wet sand sinks beneath.
Here we lie in our sorrows,
covering our shattered heart with a sheath.


And while we lie, on the ground.
Time passes by, without a sound.
For on our backs, we lie everyday.
Gradually moving towards the grave, 
as our hair turns gray. 
It's not about the years, 
it's not about the deeds.
It's about your purpose,
it's about sowing the seeds.


And when you're gone someday,
the seeds will grow into a beautiful tree.
Where kids will gather underneath.
To lie down and gaze at the clouds,
floating in their tangerine evening gown.
And they'll all rejoice and breathe, 
in the reverie of your bequeath!

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