Sunday, 17 May 2015


Curls of your desire,
strangle me to death.
I try so hard,
to free myself.
But end up abiding, 
onto your breath.  


There's something strange between us,
a bond of  predilection.
Jiggling between lust and passion, 
on a thin line of expectation.


This feeling I've got nowadays,
too vague to call it an ambition.
Like an impulsive black hole,
floating across the milky way.
Its greed of swallowing this universe,
causes the galaxies to go astray.


Inclination knows no boundaries.
As hovering smoke,
within the fires.
Your desires,
they'll eventually burn you down.
And even if you have the town,
you shall still keep craving, 
for that golden crown.



  1. We all have so many desires, which never end...especially the materialistic ones!

    1. True that Sir! We can handle materialistic desires to a certain extent. But aesthetic desires, they just end up tearing us apart from within!