Tuesday, 10 March 2015


Sinking clouds, beneath the hills.
Glow worms hovering,
over the tangerine sky.
Crescent Moon,
arising beyond the smog,
the blinding fog.
Fragmented glimpses of interstellar beauty.


The dust settles, 
on sleeping caterpillars,
Freezing cold scatters all over.
Hanging upside down, 
the squeaking bats,
 muddling with this melodic silence.
Fireflies pervade the trees,
Birds singing lullabies.


Serene ambiance,
extensive paradise.
Of calm river and blooming water lilies,
the ripples disperse, across the land.
Mystical oculus, 
receding candlelight.
Of creeping shadows,
and hooting owls,
Together they all,
bask in this glorious twilight!

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