Monday, 1 January 2018

The Woman In Blue

She's dressed in velvet blue,
like the bright morning sky
And when she smiles,
the parts of my broken heart,
 tingle within, like fluttering butterflies.
She's like the origami art,
I'm like the tiny bottle of glue
And yes, she's the woman in blue,
I'm madly beguiled by her,
but oh poor lad,
she has no fuckin' clue
She agrees to meet him,
in a club on a Friday night
He's thrilled as she talks,
words, food and wine
flowing out, losing sense in the flickering disco light.
"Are you even listening?", she asks
I snap out of my dream and clueless, 
I gaze into her eyes.
She throws her head back and giggles away,
"Is she even real? 
Or is it just my imagination of lies?"
"Oh gosh, you're so weird!", she exclaims
A lit cigarette hanging loosely from her lips,
And that neon glow in the dark leather purse, 
gently resting upon her tender hips
She blows out the tobacco smoke,
her pretty face disappears away,
in the foggy mist of delusions
And I just want to take it all in,
And keep it there, 
till eternity passes away 
and shatters all my illusions

"Can I take a drag?", I ask her out of courtesy.
"Oh sure, go ahead!"
I take the cigarette and place it on my lips,
and breathe her in.
The minty flavor gently hits my throat,
Just like the cupid,
tossing me into love's garbage bin

I walk with her,
looking for a cab.
She opens the taxi door, 
and hugs me a final goodbye
A  feeling of wild yearning, 
I can't really personify
I smile and look at her, as she enters the cab
and the entire world around me, seems so drab
The door slams shut,
the taxi swooshes through,
I keep standing there,
staring mindlessly, 
like the thrown burnt cigarette butt.
And I wonder as I bid her adieu,
"Okay, what the fuck?
Am I in love?
Am I in love, 
with the wonderful woman in blue?"
Oh no, I have no clue,
I have no fuckin' clue...