Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Consensual Cannibalism.

They were riding in a ferry of love,
Swirling across the ocean of blood;
Hunger for each other, blossoming at its peak,
As their flesh melted away throughout the creek.


The heart, skipped beat after beat,
As they relished this delicious meat.
Lost in this licentious greed,
Their fused souls began to bleed;
As they kissed in pleasure and pain,
Their bones sublimated in treasure and wane.


Time froze, as they went in a comatose state,
Pinnacles shattered, as they lustfully ate.
Gradually they perforated in a new dimension,
Their spirits departed beautifully in ascension;
They vanished, consumed by this animalism,
Some humans also call it, 
Consensual Cannibalsim! 


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